SinuCare is a novel, balloon sinuplasty device designed for in-office treatment of sinusitis in low-resource settings like India (annual market opportunity of >$1 billion in GEMs). Product launched in India and more information available on www.sinucare.in.



NoXeno, a simple mechanical device to help physicians remove impacted foreign bodies in the nose. Commercial launch in 1Q 2017.



VAPCare is an intelligent, automated, closed-loop, secretion management system for ICU patients on long term ventilation. It is a first in the world device, sensor-based, secretion management system which can functionally replace an ICU nurse. The product is being developed with our partner company Coeo Labs and will be launched in the market in early 2017.



SaanS is a first in the world, self powered, neonatal transport CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) solution, allowing safe transport to the NICU in all transport settings. Performance equal to non-portable, electronic CPAP devices has been established. A key innovation quotient of the product is that it can be powered in multiple ways, including a manual setting, with minimal skill.

Sattva Fetal Lite


Sattva Fetal Lite is a non-invasive, portable, fetal-ECG based fetal monitor with automatic detection of distress, and requires minimal skill in use. This device would provide a definitive diagnosis during fetal distress with higher accuracy and reliability and includes automated data analysis with alerts to eliminate subjective interpretation.