Our Model



InnAccel set up its first Innovation Lab in Bangalore in 2014, and plans to create a network of such Labs, in partnership with leading academic and medical institutions, in key innovation hubs in India. Each Lab will house teams that will run programs to develop world-class products addressing critical, unmet needs in GEMs. This innovation model is described below:



InnAccel’s innovation platform has two key components:

Biodesign Platform:

Based on the globally recognized Stanford Biodesign methodology created, and taught, by Stanford University. InnAccel leverages this platform to identify, evaluate, and select critical unmet needs with compelling economics. The Biodesign process is a 6-9 month process, at the conclusion of which InnAccel has a database of high-value unmet needs, with preliminary research conducted, in the selected therapeutic area.

Product Engineering and Development Platform (PED):

The PED platform is used to drive product engineering (from concept selection to final manufacturing) on a top need selected from the Biodesign platform. The PED platform includes a product development process, and SOPs, templates, and milestones- to drive product development forward in a transparent, auditable, repeatable, and cost-effective manner.