Affordable medical devices, aligned with prevailing resource and skill levels, are an integral part of an effective healthcare system. However, this continues to be a critical unmet need for low and mid-income markets like India. This critical need is fast becoming a generational market opportunity, as MedTech expenditure explodes globally- reaching over $40 billion in India, and over $200 billion in BRICS by 2025.

InnAccel has developed a portfolio of novel Medical Devices designed engineered & priced for Global Emerging Markets.

Who We Are

InnAccel is a Medical Technology company founded in 2012 and based in Bangalore, India, that has developed and continues to develop novel products addressing critical unmet healthcare needs in India and global emerging markets. Our portfolio of European certified medical products is designed, engineered, and priced for emerging markets, to transform healthcare, sustainably and profitably, in India and the world.

What We Do

InnAccel identifies critical unmet needs, with large addressable markets, using the Biodesign process developed by Stanford University. The top needs are selected through a 6-9 month Biodesign program and form the basis of projects to address these needs through novel technology. Our portfolio comprises 5 novel products addressing a global market of >$5 billion, and addresses conditions that lead to almost a million deaths each year in India alone. Our focus lies in 3 therapy areas: Critical Care, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Otolaryngology. These projects undergo a structured 2-3 year development and engineering path, resulting in a world-class, regulatory certified, commercially viable product.

How we do it

InnAccel is driven by a highly passionate, experienced, entrepreneurial, and multi-disciplinary team that brings the right expertise, experience, and relationships. We have over 20 professionals (engineers, designers, clinicians, marketers) at its Center, led by a team that brings together entrepreneurial, technology development, and clinical experience. Our strategic advisory board includes industry leaders, and we have a network of 50+ advisors who have set new benchmarks in the Healthcare and Technology industries. InnAccel uses a unique “intrapreneurship” model that extends from understanding clinical needs to solving them through innovative technology. Write to us at info@innaccel.com to know more.